WarBerryPi’s last walk

So earlier this week i decided that after 3.5 years i should probably stop the development of the WarBerryPi. The rationale behind this was fairly simple, lack of time to maintain and lack of imagination for new features.

This was not an easy decision because the WarBerryPi was liked by infosec community, it was my first major development and a big school. Further to this, the WarBerryPi was my wagon to fulfil some of my dreams meaning speaking at BlackHat not once but 3 times and at other great conferences were i met amazing people.

The WarBerryPi was voted #4 Tool of 2016 by the readers of ToolsWatch and in the Top 10 tools of all time again by ToolsWatch. This was a huge honour and i thank you for voting for me.

I believe the WarBerryPi was food for thought for others to take it on, make it better and come out with a much better solution.

Thank you all for the nice comments throughout the years.