Project Caligo

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For those who know me know that i like physical assessments and using devices such as RaspBerryPi’s, odroid and others. This is also apparent from the development of the WarBerryPi.

Even during the development of the WarBerryPi it was always a mess on managing multiple devices for multiple clients at the same time. This led to the idea of creating a centralized management panel which i am going to call C2 although for sure it does not have the functionality of a complete Command & Control tool.

This was the genesis of Project Caligo with 2 goals in mind.

  1. Keep it simple and tidy
  2. Simple deployment

Caligo is device agnostic meaning that you can use your favourite dropbox devices or even laptops as long as they support installing autossh to connect back to the Caligo server.

Client – Server Communication

The device will try to call back to the Caligo server either through the network interface or 3G connection depending which one is active and can escape the egress rules.


Caligo supports both password and certificate based authentication. Details on how to set those up are in the README file of the project.

And let’s say someone finds the device and unplugs it before you got the time to save information, we got that covered by doing a full terminal transcription which is downloadable.

2019 11 07 10 27 13 Clipboard

As with all tool releases i do, my partner in crime is Stella and all the amazing code you see it hers.

Caligo is now public on Github and hit me up on Twitter for any questions or comments.