MacOS – WiFi Pineapple Internet sharing

The WiFi Pineapple is a nice little tool from Hak5 which assists in wireless networks assessments. It has many functionalities that i will not cover in this post as i usually only use it during the recon phase of a project because i like the web interface and ease on setting up SSID/client filtering, logging and reporting.

My usual setup is to have it connected to my Kali Nethunter and use the Internet or data connection of the mobile device to provide Internet access to the Pineapple Nano. 


IMG 2601


When it comes to setting it up for a laptop device the Windows and Linux steps are well documented. As usual MacOS has different quirks that need additional steps for the Internet sharing to work. Below is what i have found working in my case and it’s a mix and match of various blog posts from other people.

Begin my connecting the Pineapple to the computer and go though the initial setup. The default IP of the Pineapple is 

Next go to Network Preferences and change the network information for the Pineapple as follows:


This will put the Pineapple into the 192.168.2.x range that it’s the MacOS default internal DHCP range. This means that if you are connected to an 192.168.2.x range from you router and you try this method it will not work especially if is already taken by another device. I also found out that any other IP then 2.10 for the Pineapple will not work. 

Next ssh to the Pineapple Nano to edit some values.

 ssh root@

nano /etc/config/network

Then change the following lines and values


Next step is to enable the Internet Connection Sharing 


Final step is to do a hard reboot of the Pineapple Nano and that’s it. After rebooting everything you should be able to browse to and access the dashboard.

If you find a way to not use 2.10 as the IP or if you have any other comments let me know on Twitter