Hackbox – Kismet with GPS

This is a follow up post on my original writeup which can be found here.

Since one of the purposes of this “thing” is have some fun while wardriving i wanted to be able to plot my route and capture APs on Google Earth.

In order to do so i needed to configure a GPS dongle to work with Kismet. I am a big fan of using and re-using old hardware i have stored in boxed here and there i just found the only GPS dongle i bought about 5 years ago for no specific reason which is the BlueNext BN903S 65.

This dongle worked out of the box on my Rpi3 but in order for GPS data capturing to work there are a few steps needed.

1) Install Kismet (if you haven’t already)
apt-get install kismet
2) Install gpsd and gpsd-clients
apt-get install gpsd
apt-get install gpsd-clients

Plug your GPS into the Rpi and you should have an entry /dev/gps0

Now you have to edit your /etc/default/gpsd file to include the GPS interface. The only change to make is under DEVICES=”/dev/gps0″

To test it out that it works fine:

gpspipe -r

and if you see any GPS values flowing by you are good to go.

Kismet saves the captured data to .netxml files. Google Earth requires .kml files so to convert this files to the appropriate format use netxml2kml.